Development of a country lies in the ability of its citizens

Billions in debt; a crashing economy; a thriving drug business; a dangerously powerful underworld; degraded politics. Where did we go wrong? And how did so much happen in so little time? We are a small country, yet our problems are colossal. This system will be the end of Sri Lanka.

Are you going to continue to live under the fists of corrupt politicians and underworld thugs? We gave them their power. We can take it away from them. We need to heal this country and bring her out of her plight. It’s in our hands. Our motherland fulfils our every need, why can’t we help her at least once? The people are the power. People shouldn’t bow down to their governments, governments should bow down to their people.

The Voice is an interactive website with the motive of creating a platform for people to share their opinions and ideas. Our prime objective is to remind the people of how vital it is for us to stay connected as Sri Lankans. This platform is different from all others as it provides an opportunity for the people to speak out, changing the commonplace standards where only a minority of the general public address all issues. Those who have a genuine desire to be part of this change and make this an actuality may write to us, and will be published so that their ideas may be known amongst us all.

We are strong together. Join us and let’s build this country again from ground up.

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