Let’s Accept !

We all need to understand as Sri Lankan’s there are two faces of this tragedy. One is political and the other one is non-political. Let me address the non political background of this.

We have schools based on religions from a long time now and communities of different ethnicities learn in distinct platforms (Majority). So definitely there’s an opportunity of development of extremist ideologies due to this isolation. Let’s accept it.

Apart from the religious backgrounds based on the location the schools have their own caliber, prestige or power. So sometimes the extremist ideologies develops in side the schools yet the power is given through the background. Let’s accept it.

International schools on the other side are like refugee camps. When parents cannot get their child in to those prominent schools and then comes the secondary option with an additional expectation of giving the child a proper English background. So here the ethnic proportions based on the country’s population would be a compete reciprocate. Not only the students but also the composition of the teachers has the same odd proportions. Let’s accept it.

Let’s focus on the provincial discrimination. Even though we talk about minorities in the country based on some provinces the minority becomes the majority and the common laws of the country wouldn’t be implemented practically. So provincial backgrounds of some provinces are extremist them selves. That provides the background of sleeper cells to grow in side the heart little by little.Let’s accept it.

Language barrier and language misuse is also prominent. The base language of the country is not delivered properly. The usage of the language by Buddhists, Christians and Muslims and Tamils has a bi diversity. Sometimes the language is misused in a worse manner. Let’s accept it.

Cultural diversity is a beauty it’s not the base of extremism. But cultural isolation is a problem. We don’t need English, Roman, Indian or Arabic franchises in Sri Lanka. We need the integration of all the cultures within the frame of humanity. Don’t tell your Muslim daughter not to have a relationship with another ethnicity, Don’t tell your Christian Daughter to not to have a relationship with another ethnicity, Don’t tell your Buddhist Daughter to not to have a relationship with another ethnicity. Accept them. They all are humans. No one need a conversion of their religion to marry someone else.
But we have discriminated this from a long time. Let’s accept it.

I could explain many other aspects but it would just drag this write up so long and you may even forget the initial points. So for one country needs one solution. Let me propose few points down that line.

1.No School should be based on any religion or named based on a religious background.

2.Students should be selected to the schools only based on the location of their permanent address.

3.Teachers must be trained in a unique platform and they must be directed to schools based on the requirements of the subjects not any other criteria.

4.No need of Sunday schools the school religion syllabus must be enriched with what’s necessary and it should be taught formally.

5.No province must have excessive growth of population of the same ethnicity. Where ever it has happened they must be given conditions of numbers of children per family

6.For sports and other extra curricular activities parents should let their children participate irrespective to their ethnicity or gender.

7.All the children must be given proper Sinhala and English language education and it should be a must earned qualification to enter any university or high school examination.

8.No company owner should recruit people based on the ethnicity but only based of the proficiency in the relevant field.

9.Any one in any ethnicity should have the freedom to marry someone in a different ethnicity. Church must give full mass for all marriages and mosques should not ask for any conversation of the religion to do so.

10.Who ever doesn’t like to live in this type of a freedom should immediately find the grounds they could live with such isolated cultures.

For almost of the above other than (#3,5) we don’t need any special law to be implemented from the top order. We can start the change. You can be a part of it. Let’s put politics aside for the time being because we all know it’s a temporary manipulation. We need a permanent at least long time reformation.

Let’s Accept it !

Dayan Kiriwaththuduwa

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