Aggressive and Depressed Youths of Muslim Community pushing towards ISIS not for 72 virgins rather to take revenge

By Muheed Jeeran 

Recently arrested Virtusa Software Engineer and Member of ISIS is believed to have provided technical and logistical support to the groups that carried out the attacks on churches and hotels. He joined  ISIS after the 2014  riots in Aluthgama where most Muslims properties were attacked by racist mobs which is his home town.  According investigation and certain media too reported that the Anti-Muslim Assaults In Teldeniya: in March 2018 persuaded more youths to join as a supporter of this notorious terror outfit. 

This is what i said from the beginning that the root causes should be tackled but police and media built a drama to escalate further hate which Army Commander clearly stated in a recent statement. Even during the LTTE era we never seen a huge media publicity on the army search operation.  Today we saw many Muslims suffer including last 2 days. If you study the above scenario these youth were persuaded not with the promise of having 72 virgins  rather a revenge after they became aggressive as the govt failed to tackle the anti Muslims riots for the last 4 years. ISIS facilitate them for their own agenda but these youth were pushed towards this terror network after being depressed to see their community getting oppressed by these racist mobs while law enforcement was watching the atrocity. 

As I can remember the similar allegation where STF was watching while mobs were attacking Muslim properties in Digana. Those videos were circulated in social media. But on the other hand majority community is blaming the Muslim Community for failed to tackling the extremist. How can they tackle the vulnerable minds of youth when these things are happening?? 

Today again we witnessed some sad incidents  which I don’t know how many youths were slowly moving to the monstrous terror outfit. It’s not easy for the Muslim  community to identify these type of sleeper cells and not easy for law enforcement to identify without the support of Muslim Community.  However Muslim Community too can’t carry on by risking their lives and giving information about these retarded youths. If these type of terror outfits expanded further then none from the Muslim Community can come forward to support the security forces to dismantle these youth as there is a clear threat for their lives. Now this is like a seed that has been planted and plant is growing slowly. It’s a good time to remove it at all but the recent days is allowing the plant to become a tree where we will have difficulty to cut down. 

Still it is not too late as we can turn the things positive to our nation. It’s the responsibility  of politicians to find Lasting solution by involving with community leaders. 

Muheed Jeeran
International Human Rights Activist
International political Lobbyist and Strategist

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