The FORCE Assembles

By Rizlan Hassan

After all this distress and what we have gone through, sometimes I feel like giving up all hope.

But I do see something.
Actually more than what I see, I can feel it in my heart.
A silver lining at the end of the clouds.

There is a very small yet a significant force budding up. From all the communities alike.
They are fed up of our politics,
They are fed up of the bloodshed, 
They are fed up of the silence of the righteous,
They are fed up of being puppeteering,
In short they are fed up of this ‘system’ 

And they are full of questions and not scared to go to any length to get the answers.

This unstoppable force is gaining it’s strength slowly unknown to anyone,lurking in the dark, oozing with energy to be used to build a better country, if not the best country.

This force is none other than our own youth the young adults.
They are all scattered and confused. But yet determined and dedicated to bring us new hope.At the moment they have been split into Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Christians.But they are slowly learning their true identity – Sri Lankans.

We need to identify them, motivate them and empower them to connect with the like minded youth.

The day they all rise up, our so called leaders will shake with fear and the innocent citizens will glimmer with an open heart.
Sun shall rise and shine upon Srilanka brighter than ever on the day this force, #Assembles.


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